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Let Create The Best Home Staging create the perfect home, office, or event for you!  Create The Best is a Staging business which offers complete services for residential, business, and event settings.

The professional staff of Create The Best specialize in offering consultations and services to Real Estate Agents, Banks, Businesses and Homeowners, and anyone planning an special event. Create The Best does it all...  Assessing properties to determine what method will create the most positive and attention- attracting results!

Create The Best  consultation service will offer an initial consult, at no charge to you, to explain the benefits of staging and explain why and how our services will benefit you.  A walk through assesment and verbal consultation with expert recommendations will be provided with each consultation. 

After initial consultations, Clients can decide which staging details they wish to apply to their property or event.  Staging consultants will next provide their recommendations and a estimated cost that will best meet client's desired goals.  Our goal is to achieve the Client's goals within their financial budget. 

Once services are requested and selected, our consultants will offer a selection of professionals, who best suit the selected project(s), if desired.  Only professional service providers are recommended.  If service providers are selected, they will be contracted to offer a fair estimate of predicted costs and a written guarantee of their services.  This contract will be provided in writing for every client.   

Recommended updates and or repairs selected by clients, can make a remarkable difference in their home or business value, and the outcome of their event.  Improvements enhance the location's appeal, which will increase the property's enjoyment, productivity, and potential profit.   Create The Best Staging service will offer customers many options that will have them soon valuing and appreciating their home or business in a financially beneficial and positive way.

Treat yourself to a home or business makeover today!  We will support you throughout the entire process, from assessing your needs and desires, and providing any supplies, or professional specialists as needed for any desired project.  Some projects may be simple, but others may need skillfull improvements, updates, or repairs to increase the aesthetic appeal, and enhance the financial value of the property.  Don't leave anything to chance! Give us a call so we can help you get it right the first time!  You don't need to do a thing, except call (281) 536-7270 to schedule a no cost initial consultation to explain the benefits of the staging of your property today!

                         Call D'Arcy at Create The Best now to schedule a free initial consultation.
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D'Arcy Phelan-Morrell, Certified Home Marketing Specialist

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